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Birthdate:Dec 25
about Gin
Name : GinUingu (Nickname Gin)
Age : 22
Gender : Male (Most of the time.)
Species : Angel

Looks : Roughly 5'9" in height, Gin is slender and not much in the way of muscle. Effeminate in every aspect of his body, he has the slim figure of a woman but the subtle definition of a man. Androgynous and beautiful, the only thing that gives away his gender is his voice which is distinctly male. With pale skin and silvery hair down to his waist, he has amber golden eyes with specks of green in them and a very kissable pair of lips. All in all, if you stuck him in a skirt he'd be a trap. He also has a blue tattoo on the inside of his forearm, just above his wrist. PB = Yazoo from FF7: AC.

Personality : While constantly maintaining ten feet of personal space around him, Gin is sarcastic and cocky to everyone he doesn't feel comfortable with. Prone to anger and easy to irritate, he isn't much in the way of composure or staying calm but isn't incapable of being civil for long periods of time. Though he possesses a mischievous streak and is as capable of love as anyone else, he's been hurt and is therefore distrustful. His default mode is sarcastic.

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